James produces the LiveRoof® Hybrid Modular system for Georgia, South Carolina, Tennessee and Florida. We specialize in heat and humidity tolerant green roof projects utilizing our experience from 15 years as a perennial plant supplier.

James GreenRoofs


Our green roof components are custom grown, so from the start the James team is focused on client needs. We’ve developed a logistical approach that capitalizes on decades of growing and management experience. Our goal is for installation to flow seamlessly with the designer and builder’s process. In this way, James Greenroofs becomes and extension of your team.

Leah and Ken James

Horticulturists by training and entrepreneurs at heart, Ken and Leah started their first company, James Greenhouses in 1998. This operation supplies commercial growers across North America with millions of young plants every year. They later founded James Greenroofs in 2012 to meet the emerging demand for sustainable building in the Southeast. Leveraging the strengths of both companies, they are able to deliver green roof projects of any size.

Robby Jourdan

Robby received his Bachelor of Science in Agribusiness with a minor in Horticulture from the University of Georgia in 2011 and completed his MBA in 2014 at the University of West Georgia while working at James Greenroofs. Robby has over a decade of experience propagating, growing, scheduling, and researching herbaceous perennial plants in the Southeast U.S.

Greenhouse Team

Our group of professional horticulturalist help ensure every LiveRoof module is delivered with healthy vegetation and a robust root system. The growing team helps harden plants into tough, roof top worthy perennials that are ready to tackle the harsh conditions found in the Southeast from day 1.